Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World
Lee Green, Twin Cities Amateur Astronomer and NASA Solar System ambassador.
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 Lee Green, Twin Cities Amateur Astronomer and NASA Solar System...

Dr. Kanal Bodiwala, Cardiologist, Advocate BroMenn "Heart Health”
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Dr. Kanal Bodiwala, Cardiologist, Advocate BroMenn "Heart...

ISU Football Head Coach Brock Spack, 2014 Missouri Valley Football Conference Coach of the Year.
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On Monday, we welcomed ISU Football Head Coach Brock Spack, 2014...

IWU athletic director and former basketball coach,Dennie Bridges.
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 IWU athletic director and former basketball coach,Dennie Bridges....

Dr. Robert J. Fitzgerald, Faculty Associate, University High School, "A Critical Analysis of the Litigation Concerning School Funding"
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Dr. Robert J. Fitzgerald, Faculty Associate, University High School, "A...


Jerry Ringer also had the honor of presenting the Zeller Award at April 22, 2013 meeting to Elizabeth Weir. The Zeller Award is named after Walter Zeller, past president of Kiwanis International and the first person to donate to the Kiwanis International Foundation, which receives the gifts for the eliMiNate project.

Elizabeth Weir has been involved with East Bay Camp and Camp Limberlost from the 1940s when Bloomington Kiwanis took over the program from the Pantagraph. She also supports our club by eating pancakes, buying peanuts and contributing to our foundation! Congratulations on this esteemed honor, Elizabeth!

Jerry Ringer presented on behalf of the EliMiNate committee. Our club has pledged to be a model club, which represents clubs that have raised $750 per member average to support the EliMiNate Project. Jerry encouraged members to consider pledging to support the efforts to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. You can also pledge through purchasing a Zeller award ($1,250, up to a two-year period). We are close to our goal now and appreciate any support! Pledge forms are also available. Please contact Andrea if you are interested in pledging or making a gift. Forms will need to go through her so our club will get credit for member pledges.

Our club not only awards Zeller awards to existing club members, but also members in the community who exemplify the mission. Jerry proudly awarded a Zeller Award to John Maitland, who was in attendance at Monday’s meeting. Congratulations, John, and thank you for your support!

                           Ben Green with Rusty Depew


Benoni "Ben" Green is a special Kiwaniian. He is a veteran of WWII as well as a POW. He worked at Beich’s Candy Company for 41 years and has 3 children. He is known as the “granddaddy of Bloomington / Normal Tennis.” He has left a lasting impression with ISU as he is in the hall of fame and has endowed a scholarship there.

He served as president of the Bloomington Kiwanis Club in 1972 and 1973. During these years the Normal Kiwanis Club was introduced and the ISU Circle K Club was chartered. We recognize Benoni Green with the Zeller Award as well as the 600 lives saved with the EliMiNate project.

EliMiNate Committee – Jerry Ringer presented the prestigious Zeller Award to John Couillard, as part of the EliMiNate campaign to eradicate Neonatal Tetanus globally. 

The Walter Zeller Fellowship is an exclusive award unique to The Eliminate Project.   The Walter Zeller Fellowship honors Walter Zeller, who made the first gift of 25 silver dollars to establish the Kiwanis International Foundation.

The Zeller Fellowship recognizes a gift of $1,250 and greater to The Eliminate Project. You can become a Zeller Fellow by making a gift or three-year pledge of US$1,250 to The Eliminate Project.  (Contact Andrea Raycraft for how to donate) 

All donations, all sizes,  are welcomed.  

One time gifts:  Make checks to the Kiwanis Club of Bloomington Foundation note on check "ELIMINATE"and we will collect all donation until we have enough to honor someone with a Walter Zeller Fellowship.  Our Board of Directors will choose recipients of the awards.

Monthly or quarterly gifts: To make gifts directly to Kiwanis International, on a regular basis, monthly or quarterly, you will need a special form with your Club number and your Membership number, to give both the club and you credit for the gift(s).  

The following Bloomington Kiwanis Club members and friends have been designated as Walter Zeller Fellowship recipients:

   Jerry Ringer    Denny Feicke
   Tricia Shaw    Elizabeth Weir
   Andrea Raycraft    Gil Dorsey
   Wil Davis    Barb Nathan
Frank Hoffman John Maitland
Diana Hauman Benoni Green
John Couillard  

 For more information or to become a Zeller Fellow, please contact Jerry Ringer and/or Andrea Raycraft to learn more and make your donation via the Kiwanis Club of Bloomington, Illinois Foundation, assuring credit for our club's donation.

Dear Andrea,