Don Vinson Foster Family Picnic

August tbd, 2015

The Don Vinson Kiwanis Foster Family Picnic was started several years ago as a help and support to Foster Families in our community. Usually the Baby Fold, Catholic Social Services and Children's Foundation are the agencies that participate. The picnic is a time for the families to get out together without it costing them anything. It is also a way for foster parents and children to meet other fosters. This year the kids will be entertained by a magician and face painter, while the foster parents earn continuing credit by listening to the speakers. Foster Families are often overlooked in our community even though they provide such a needed service. The agencies involved also appreciate the helping hand with their program. The picnic was named in memory of Don Vinson, a 40+ year member of the Bloomington Kiwanis. Before his passing Don was constantly involved in club activities. He was a tireless volunteer who always participated with the picnic.