George F. Hixson Fellowship

The Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees created the George F. Hixson Fellowship in 1983 to honor the first Kiwanis International President. Hixson, who served from 1916 to 1918, holds the distinction of being the only leader to serve two terms as Kiwanis International President. Overall, his record accounts for more than 50 years of dedication to Kiwanis service. Funds received for a Hixson Fellowship will be designated to the Kiwanis Children's Fund, unless the donor designates otherwise. Each year at the Kiwanis International convention, a Foundation reception is scheduled to honor individuals in the Fellowship, as well as other contributors to major Foundation programs such as the Founders Circle, Tablet of Honor, and the Heritage Society.

The Walter Zeller Fellowship is an exclusive award unique to The Eliminate Project.   The Walter Zeller Fellowship honors Walter Zeller, who made the first gift of 25 silver dollars to establish the Kiwanis International Foundation.

The Zeller Fellowship recognizes a gift of $1,250 and greater to The Eliminate Project. You can become a Zeller Fellow by making a gift or three-year pledge of US$1,250 to The Eliminate Project.  (Contact Andrea Raycraft for how to donate) 

DR. Luis V. Amador Medallion Award

The I-I District in 1992-93 created the Luis V. Amador Medallion Award. This award honors the contributions of our Medical Director and allows a Divisional Council to extend special recognition to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service within his or her community. Complete details are available from the District Office.

"Leaders do it first"

Hixson Fellowships 

Coffman Harold

Straub J Lyneer 

Fidler Gordon 

Guthoff Ray 

Guthoff Ronald  Diamond Level

Kirk John

Knight Robert W. 

McWard Donald 

Ringer Jerry 

Stuber H.W. 

Traxler Dale Diamond Level

Vinson Donald L. 

Yoder Wallace 

Kennett Robert 

Lawrence Paul 

Witte W 

Eckles C. Ford 

Schmucker Leon R. 

Van Scoyoc Sam 

Weer Barry 

Golliday Lois

Hines Becky 

Schroeder Gordon 

Maitland John 

Perkins Richard

Turner Ralph 

Yockey L 

Brown Francis R. 

Gerike Ernest 

Hardy Michael R.

Mehall Richard 

Oehler Doug 

Riddle Harry

Stephens Wesley 

Couillard John 

Dees David P. 

DePew Russell 

Miller Claude

Ooms J. Wesley

Philpott Leslie

Wilcox Wesley

Dorsey Gilbert

Moore Jane A.

Hubbard Ben

Hutchison Jill

Laffey Michael

O'Daffer Phares

Starckovich Robert

Gocker Craig

Anderson Bernard

Klein Katie

Raycraft Andrea

Strebing Fran

Sylvia Banes

Ray Faulk

Zeller Awards Zeller Awards Amador Medalion

Feicke, Dennis 
Ringer, Jerry 
Dorsey, Gilbert 
Davis, Wilbert 
Shaw Tricia 
Raycraft, Andrea 
Nathan Barbara 
Hoffman, Frank 
Hauman, Diana 
Coulliard, John 
Moore, Jane 
Miller, Claude  
Turner, Ralph 
Starkovich, Robert 
Mehall, Rick 
Wannemacher, Steven 
Witte, Charles 
Hines, Becky 
Styron, Harvey 
Hunt, Roger 
Martin, David 
Weer, Barry 
Bernardi, Don 
Traxler, Dale 
Klein, Katie 
Raycraft, Andrea 
Wilken, Bruce 

Weir, Elizabeth 
Maitland, John 
Green, Benoni 
Hoffman, Angie 
Fraker, Guy 
Ringer, Carole 
Wilson, Dr. Richard 
Bowman, Dr. Al 
Ben Nelson 
Wylie, Ellen 
Miller, Margaret

Niepagen, Lee & Anne
Messinger, Dean
Barnett, Josh
Raufer, Eric
Dobbins, Gail
Hutchinson, Jill
Klein, Katie
Weir, Elizabeth (Limberlost Supporter)
Maitland, John (State Senator, Former Member)
Green, Benoni (former Member)
Hoffman, Angie (Spouse)

Fraker, Guy (Spouse
Ringer, Carole (Spouse)
Wilson, Richard (IWU President)

Bowman, Al (ISU President)
Nelson, Ben  (Limberlost Camp Director)

Wylie, Ellen (Spouse)
Miller, Margaret (Spouse)
Niepagen, Lee & Ann ( Flowe Sale)
Kiesler, David (Midweset Food Bank)

































































































Coffman, Harold  

Guthoff, Ron  

Vinson, Don 

Kirk, John  

Hines, Becky  

Raycraft, Andrea